Thanks to the Captain, President and Vice Captain for their support and enthusiasm throughout the Season.

My apologies to the President as I have teased him all season and accused him of being pathologically slow on the Course,in the Changing room and dining.

I searched for a word to describe him and the best I could find was manana.

I then realised that that was very unfair because there is nothing in his demeanour that quite conveys the urgency of manana.

The Weather deserves a mention despite being rained off on the 2nd of May it was “scorchio” for every Match.

The Team results were good this year and a massive improvement on last year. 

The final tally for the 2018 Season being:-

5 losses, 7 wins and 1 draw ie plus 2.

2017 Season 4 wins, 9 losses  ie. minus 5.       

The results do not reflect the enthusiasm and enjoyment shown by all that took part.

The Highlights were:-

Retaining The Centenary Putter .

Last year was Dave Hudson’s first win in 9 years, this year Mr Consistent bagged another win.

Phil Kay ringing me in panic on Tuesday the 10th of July at lunch time to say I had put him in the away Team at Prestbury on Tuesday the 11th of July which was a Wednesday and clashed with the England Match.

I explained that it was Prestbury at home today ie Tuesday the 10th of July.

I asked him to check which year was on the email that he was looking at and he said 2017

That was last year’s Match Phil!!

2017 Season 4 wins, 9 losses and 0 draws   ie. minus 5                   

2016 Season  8 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw   ie. plus 4.

2015 Season  4 wins 7 losses and 2 draws   ie. Minus 3.

2014 Season 8 wins, 4 losses and 0 draws   ie. Plus 4.

2013 Season 4 wins, 4 losses and 4 draws   ie.Level.

2012 Season 3 wins, 8 losses and 1 draw    ie.Minus 5.


The Centenary Putter

We retained The Centenary Putter.

It will stay over the Fireplace for the 5th year in a row. 

We won away 5.5-2.5 our first away win at Bramhall and won at home 7.5-0.5 an aggregate of 13 - 3.

The level of commitment by all involved was a pleasure to behold.

The Hale Match this year was again a great CULINARY success.

The Golf Match for Hale is just an excuse to eat and drink.

The catering by Tina and Paul was superb with fantastic staff service and a first class menu card produced by Jayne in the Office.

Everything reflected a level of quality that Stockport could be proud of.

A good time was had by all.

The fixture is rapidly becoming a Legend.

The fixture will be home and away alternate years.

During the season 41 players took part in the Matches. 

The Most Valuable Player this season was The Vice Captain Andy Mooney played 10,won 6,lost 2 and halved 2 for plus 4.

Notable Individual Results:-

+3 Rajesh Desai (5 games) last year’s winner 

+3 David Schofield (9 games) last year’s equal runner up with

+3 Peter McCulloch(5 games)

+ 2 Ross Gregory, Bob Coley, Nigel Noble, Mike Horrocks and our President Brendan (8 games).

The Captain Les was level (10 games)

We had played most of our Home Games before the severe part of the drought.

It was good to have presented Stockport at its best and a pleasure to note the genuine compliments received from the Visiting Teams regarding the quality and condition of our Course and the standard of catering.

Congratulations and thanks to all those involved in maintaining these high standards.

Thanks to Tina, Paul and all of the wonderful Stockport Staff for looking after us.

Thanks to Adam Harrison and his Staff for their hard work under difficult conditions for the quality of Course presentation throughout the year.

Thanks to Jayne in the Office for always helping with a smile.

Congratulations to all the Team Players home and away for their enthusiasm and endeavour.It has been a privilege and a pleasure to organise the Teams this Season. 

After 7 Captains starting 2011/12 with Peter Bennett, Gordon McKeating, John Wilson, Tom Clarke, David Hall, John Ainley and Les Jowsey it is time to retire.

You should always quit when you are at the top and It could not get better with 5 Centenary Putter wins in a row and Dave Hudson’s second win in 10 years.

Alan Konarski is taking over and I will be his assistant next season until he has learned the ropes.

I know that you will all support Alan as you have supported me.

I have always loved the Cameraderie of playing for a Team and organising the Captain’s Team has been very special for me.

I found an African Proverb that sums up how I feel.

If you want to travel fast travel alone.

If you want to travel far then travel with others.

Today’s Competition:-

27 Players attended the Final Team Players Competition to celebrate a very enjoyable year. 

With 2 more joining us for dinner.

We played 18 holes and the atmosphere for golf and dinner was fantastic.

Geoff Hamilton had a hole in one at the 11th and he generously bought the First Round of Drinks to celebrate.

The Team Competition was won with a score of  88 points.

The winners were:- 

Geoff Hamilton; David Hudson; Alan Hewett and Mike Horrocks.

A majority decision was made that we should have a white polo shirt embroidered with SGC Team.

I will arrange this in early Spring 2019 ready for the New Season.

Have a good Winter and it all starts again in May 2019.

Tony Gregory