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The golf course is open. Ride on Buggy's will not be permitted today Updated: 11th Jul 2024

Stockport Golf Club Local Rules

With the following exceptions all play is to be regulated by the rules of golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf club of St Andrews

1. Out of Bounds Rule 2.1

  • Beyond any fence hedge or wall bounding the course.
  • To the right of the 3rd green and to the right of the 4th fairway as indicated by white posts and/or white line
  • On or beyond the fence line to the right of the 5th and 6th Fairway
  • In or beyond the trenches to the right of the 7th, and the area surrounding the 8th green as indicated by white posts. The trench starts at the first white post.
  • Beyond the line of white posts and/or white line to the right of the 12th hole
  • The practise area beyond the line of white posts to the right of the 13th tee
  • Beyond the line of white posts surrounding the clubhouse buildings, Putting Green, and Garden area.
  • On or beyond the car park and beyond the chain linked fence on the driveway.

2. Penalty Areas Rule 17.1

Red stakes identify penalty areas and where red lines exist they define the margin. If there is no red line then the marker posts will identify the margin of the penalty area. Should a line or post not exist then the margin should be taken along the natural limits of the penalty area. i.e., Where the ground breaks down to form the depression containing water.

The following penalty areas can be found on the course:

  • The stream to the right of the 3rd fairway
  • The pond to the right of the 4th Fairway
  • The pond to the right of the 5th green and 6th tee
  • The stream beyond the 9th green
  • The stream at the back of the 10th green
  • The pond to the left of the 11th fairway
  • The pond to the left of the 18th green

3. Immovable obstructions

All fixed sprinkler heads, manhole covers, drain covers, distance markers, staked trees and artificially surfaced paths are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained under Rule 16.1. In addition, if such an obstruction intervenes between the ball and the hole, the player may obtain relief in the following circumstances.

  • If the ball lies off the putting green (but not in a penalty area) and is within 2 club lengths of the intervening obstruction, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point of relief.
  • If the ball lies so close to a distance marker on the fairway that the obstruction interferes with the players stance or area of intended swing, the player may take relief at the nearest point. The ball shall be dropped within one club length
  • All roads and paths on the course that are artificially surfaced are treated as immovable obstructions from which relief is allowed under rule 16.1. Any road or path that is not artificially surfaced will be classed as the general area and relief is not permitted.

Relief is not permitted from boundary posts.

4. Wrong Green Rule 13.1

Relief must be taken where there is interference by a wrong green to the players ball, stance or area of intended swing under rule 13.1f. The player must take completer relief at the nearest point.

5. Procedures for bad weather and suspensions of play Rule 5.7

In the event of high winds, fog, Lightening or other adverse weather conditions players should not continue to play if they believe there may be a risk to their health and safety. The following signals will be used to suspend and resume play:

  • Immediate stop for imminent danger: Three notes of a claxon (play must be discontinued immediately)
  • Stop for a non-dangerous situation: One note of a claxon.
  • Resumption of play: two consecutive notes of a claxon (Play must not restart before the claxon)

Penalty of breach of local rule: Disqualification.


  • Players will be notified by Stockport golf club when play will resume.
  • Players will be given sufficient time to reach the place where they were on the course when play was suspended.
  • When play is stopped for imminent danger, all practise areas will be immediately closed

6. Safety

Greenkeepers regularly work on the golf course during the day. Before you play any type of shot, check that any other player, member of staff or members of the public are totally out of range. If there is any risk, please wait.

7. Pace of play

  • Please arrive on the tee 5 minutes before your allocated tee time.
  • Ensure to keep pace with the group in front.
  • It is considered the players responsibility to be attentive to their pace of play.
  • Maximum time allotted are as follows:

2ball – 3 hours 20 min s
3ball – 3 hours 35 min s
4ball – 3 hours 50mins

The committee reserve the right to enforce the pace of play policy.

8. Emergency information

Clubhouse – 0161 427 8369 opt 3 

Pro Shop – 0161 427 8369 opt 1

The Defibrillator is located in the clubhouse.

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