We currently have very limited availability for  7 Day Membership

7 Day Membership is available for application with a Proposer and Seconder; those who are unable to obtain the support of a Proposer or Seconder please contact the Secretary who will advise how we can help.

For 6 and 5 Day Membership there is good availability across all age ranges

Whilst many new Members join with the support of a Proposer, the Club appreciates that not all applicants are able to provide a Proposer and therefore welcomes applications for 6 and 5 Day Membership without.

To apply, in the first instance the Online Application Form should be completed on the website or by contacting
the Secretary, Mr Nic Cox on 0161 427 8369 or by email to

To view our Membership Rates and to make an application to join the Club please click the buttons below

Benefits of Membership

  • A renowned, challenging and well-drained World Amateur Golf Ranking course, playable throughout the seasons.
  • Regular weekend and week day competitions for all playing members.
  • Inter-club matches for all handicap categories.
  • Concessionary green fees with our partner clubs: Fulford, Pannal, Abbeydale, Headingley, Manchester and Beau Dessert Golf Clubs.
  • Hold a CONGU Handicap and County Card

Further Benefits

  • Excellent practice facilities.
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere from members with the opportunity to join informal ‘roll-ups’ most days of the week.
  • Discounted on our bar and catering services and an active social events calendar, provided by our excellent and friendly staff.
  • Resident PGA Professionals and Shop
  • Members Insurance
  • Interactive Members App

In short, you will be the envy of many of your golfing friends!

“Of all the hazards, fear is the worst”

Sam Snead

“I never played a round when I didn’t learn something about the game”

Ben Hogan

“Hit the shot you know you can hit, not the one you think you should”

Bob Rotella

“A perfectly straight shot with a big club is a fluke”

Jack Nicklaus

“The most important shot in golf is the next one”

Ben Hogan

“Golf is a fame that’s played on a 5” course – the distance between your ears”

Bobby Jones

Taken from the club suggestions book in 1907.

19th March, 1907.  I suggest that Mr J Higsons handicap be reduced.  Fred Lowe

23rd March 1907.   I suggest Mr Lowe minds his own business.  J Higson.

1909.  It was suggested that the club purchase (for sale) pipe tobacco, vermouth (French & Italian), sherry, ‘decent’ champagne and ‘quite first rate cigars.

The committee agreed.

Ladies minutes, September 1950

It was also decided after discussion, that a notice be displayed ‘that in view of present fashions, trousers would be allowed in the lounge’